My Aphrodite

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To be a geek, or not to be...

1997: Jay, a high school gamer and deep-geek is in the thick of championship season for his space fantasy CCG of choice. He is smitten by Elena, a girl caught between the World of Geekdom and the World of Mundane (represented by her dull parents and jock-head boyfriend). As Jay grows ever more distant from Geekdom towards the Mundane to win Elena, he increasingly fails in his gaming, his fan fiction, his friendships, and ordinary life -- even coming to a crisis of faith...
Enter: Paul -- an enigmatic student counselor who seems to appear out of nowhere, yet somehow knows much about Jay's life. To help get Jay back on his path, Paul bestows on him sobering wisdom, including this: while Jay believes he needs to abandon Geekdom and enter the Mundane to compete for the hand of Elena, perhaps it is Elena who yearns to be pulled out of the Mundane and into Geekdom...

A story of comedy and drama celebrating Geekdom, CCGs, the Classic Romances, and friendship.

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